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Realm simplifies the database storage and syncing for mobile app developers. Cosync helps you handle the common functionality like authentication and asset storage so that you don’t have to think about it.

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Cosync JWT

Get secure user authentication and identity management through an RSA encrypted public/private key protocol. CosyncJWT works seamlessly with MongoDB Realm, and is an excellent JWT solution for providing user metadata to a collaborative application.

Cosync Storage

Handle assets easily by storing a local reference to the image or video asset. Cosync Storage resizes and optimizes images and video and provides previews. As data is synced, assets are automatically stored in your AWS S3 container and synced across devices.

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Are you looking for innovative solutions to reduce the amount of maintenance down the road?

Richard Krueger, our lead developer, shares insights into understanding the dynamic landscape of programming with Realm and the amazing capabilities that can be unlocked when you really understand the technology.

Realm Sync Permissions Explained

The MongoDB Realm documentation explains well enough how to set up partitions for an application. Where it is lacking is with best practices for a partition strategy, specifically a range of concrete examples where partitions can be used to solve specific synchronization/collaboration problems.

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Multi-Threading with Realm in Swift

MongoDB Realm does support multi-threading very well, but the important thing is to keep Realm access in a secondary thread confined to that secondary thread. It should be noted that Realm objects cannot be shared between thread — even for reading!

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Realm JWT Meta Data

Ok, so the user’s meta-data is passed as part of the JWT authentication token, now what? How does the client side application actually access that data? The answer to that question has both good news and bad news.

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Kurt, React Native & iOS Realm Developer

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