Store & sync assets the MongoDB way

Add local references to images and videos in a convenient CoSync AssetLink object to quickly implement assets in an offline-first way.

CoSync automation triggers resizing, quality control, and uploading to AWS S3. Links in your Cosync AssetLink objects are automatically updated for seamless syncing between clients.

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Offline first, eventually everywhere.

Storing images and videos in MongoDB objects is technically possible, but in order for any mobile application to scale well, robust asset management is a must. CoSync AssetLink takes the headache out of storing, uploading, assigning urls, updating objects and syncing assets between all of your users’ devices.

Offline First

Store the asset locally and write the local file url to a CoSync AssetLink MongoDB object with a status of local. When the device has signal, CoSync AssetLink takes care of the rest.

Amazon S3

CoSync uploads the assets to your Amazon AWS S3 instance and updates your object URLs and updates the object status to completed when assets are ready to sync between devices.

Expiring Assets

If your application needs assets to expire after a given amount time, COSYNC can also take care of asset management and updating your objects to reflect the availability of your assets.

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