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Got Auth?

Stop worrying about authentication, user identity, metadata, language localization and more. Self-hosted, open source, and easy to install.

 CoSync gets it done. 

Who are we

Take Charge

Keep user data within your own infrastructure, modify features, & get compliant

Save Time

CoSync integrates seamlessly into your apps in minutes,

not weeks...

Fast-track Features

MFA auth, user metadata, profiles, language localization, all in one powerful package

Affordable Plans

Avoid super high costs as you grow, save $ as you scale with our flexible plans

CoSync has you covered

How Fast?

HuntMob's Kurt Libby installs CoSync Auth in 13:24 mins. 

Quick and Easy Setup - Easily add secure authentication to your application with CoSync Auth's self-hosted and open source solutions.

• Build Better Apps - Adapt your applications to user needs with custom metadata, email templates, and authentication flows.

Customize Everything - Create custom user metadata, email templates, and authentication flows.

Flexible Platform - Self-hosted and open-source so you can get up and running fast, while taking control of your authentication environment.

And there's more! CoSync AssetLink solves that pesky 4MB upload limit:

Handle assets easily by storing a local reference to the image or video asset. CoSync AssetLink resizes and optimizes images/videos and provides previews. As data is synced, assets are automatically stored in your AWS S3 container and synced across devices. Sign up for CoSync Auth today and get AssetLink as a bonus, from us. 

Handle assets easily
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How it works

Get started for free

Our pricing is designed for you to easily get up and running with CoSync so test it out with your MongoDB App Services application and grow into higher plans when you’re ready.


Limited Access


For Teams Experimenting with CoSync Auth

Up to 20 CoSync Apps

50 Users per App

5 CoSync AssetLink Installs

 No credit card required


Unlimited Growth


Up to Three JWT Hosts

CoSync Portal Access

Unlimited CoSync Apps

Unlimited Users

Unlimited CoSync AssetLink Installs


Email Support

Self-Hosted Portal

Flexible monthly plan


Custom Pricing

Contact Us

Private Environments

Custom Feature Development

Self Hosted Portal


Custom SLA Available

Contact for Quote

Email us at 

Our Story

Got auth? Now you do. We're software developers. We know where you're at. Using CoSync for your authentication needs will save you weeks of dev time. CoSync AssetLink solves a major problem for you in a quick install - storage and uploading of large assets.


Get secure user authentication and identity management through an RSA encrypted public/private key protocol. CoSync Auth works seamlessly with MongoDB App Services, and is an excellent JWT solution for providing user metadata to a collaborative application. 

Our Vision

Making secure authentication accessible to all developers and teams. CoSync is a MongoDB Partner – whether you’re building on MDB, Azure or using other dev platforms, CoSync gets it done. Providing an affordable & robust solution to everyone.


"Game changing, self-hosted authentication, with language localization."

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Request Demo

Schedule a call with one of our product consultants. Let's get you Auth'd.

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